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How one gets inspired is such a personal and often intuitive or even spiritual process. For me it can be almost anything: a book, a song, an unexpected encounter with another being or even a bad news message on CNN. Especially nature seems to touch me profoundly. Most of all it is a combination of all of that and more, as one is so often linked to the other. Traveling brings me to new places and always initiates new ideas, encounters, sounds, smells, tastes, thoughts, dreams et cetera. It accumulates in “landscapes”, 4-dimensional “realities” that exist only as a result of the world and me in continuous ever changing relationship. I look at it but am an intricate part of it as well.

Being in Antarctica made me aware of this relationship. It changed my look upon nature as I felt more part of it than ever before. It helped me understand that man is not only part of nature but therefore also part of creation itself and its continuous evolution. It gave more depth to my life and thus my art work. My “Icebergs” and “Canyons and Deserts” series, express this deep process. These glass sculptures are landscapes. The reflections of my inner travels mirroring my outer travels come alive in “The Inward Journey” sculptures. They invite the viewer to share my experiences and inspiration. That to me is what my art is about.

Peter in Turkey 2010