Recent News & Events

  • Etienne Gallery – Vibrations

    Aug 30, 2020

    “To me these sculptures are an expression of emotional and spiritual vibration. They are free to be interpreted and seen as mirrors before our feelings, our vibrating ‘being’ and energetic well-being. The wavy movement is like the dance of life: from left to right, up and down, up look for balance and then disrupt it. We are vibration.”

  • New Glass/ Neues Glass

    Jul 1, 2020

    NG: “Can art change the world?”
    PB: “Absolutely!!! Art observes, criticizes, transforms, asks questions, and most important: Art makes the invisible visible! Art is witness to culture and the cultural consciousness. Art is mundane, vulgar, and aggressive. Or spiritual, aesthetic, and disgusting. But it is always justified.”


    Jun 30, 2020

    “Masterpieces” at Continuum Gallery SEP. 11-18, 2020


    Jun 27, 2020

    Habatat shares the presentation via Zoom meeting with artist, “Getting Personal with Peter Brermes!”

  • HABATAT Gallery Show on ARTSY

    May 31, 2020

    “Rite of Passage” is an exhibition of work from five series sculptor Peter Bremers has created in the last six years…