Visiting a workshop by Holland`s greatest glass artist Andries Dirk Copier and glass blowers Willem and Bernard Heesen, I was intrigued by this formidable material that seemed to be glowing at the end of a blowpipe. Being a sculptor making light-objects from many different materials, using for instance acrylics to make lenses and prisms, I was totally overwhelmed by the possibilities of hot glass. Over the years it would push me into new directions and change my career drastically. Through assisting and workshops I tried to learn as much about the material as I could and am still discovering new things through experimenting all the time. I had the great joy to work with several wonderful master craftsmen including Lino Tagliapietra and Jan-Erik Ritzman. Most influential was meeting Neil Wilkin in 1989. This very talented craftsman and artist became a dear friend and was the master-blower who`s skills enabled me to create many complicated and unique blown glass and crystal pieces. With the help of a large team of assistance, all artists in their own right, we made numerous graal objects and developed the original double graal technique which lead to a series of work called ‘Metamorphosis’. Although nowadays I rarely work in blown glass I always enjoy the dynamic of this magic material and the teamwork. Please look at the collaborations page for a link to Neil Wilkin`s website.