BUNNIES 2019-2020

Two Bunnies 2020, commissioned for the Glass Light Hotel and Gallery, an Autograph hotel in Norfolk, Virginia.

There is one major reason why I love doing commissions, you can be asked to create something that you might not have done by your own choice. So, you are forced to think “outside the box” and that can be incredibly challenging. I was asked if I could make these bunnies by well-known collectors and dear friends. The reason for making bunnies was personal. As I thought about this commission, I felt I had to create something fun, impressive in size, and personal even though these sculptures were for a hotel lobby. It was important to me that these bunnies would have distinct personalities and a real presence in that lobby. The boy bunny relaxing with a drink at the bar while the girl bunny welcomes the guests arriving at the hotel while tapping her foot to get some attention from her boy, as to say: “get your lazy bum from that bar, time to go check out the place!” These bunnies sure put a smile on people’s faces!

Collaborating with Lhotsky Studio in the Czech Republic, we made these two large glass bunnies that are constructed from parts like an old-fashioned teddy bear. The separate parts were glued on location and I am specifically grateful to Robert Husek for his smart solutions to make that installation go so easy, as the video shows.

The Tapping Bunny is wearing a necklace with blown elements made in collaboration with master-blower Neil Wilkin from Wales, Great Britain.
Dimensions: Reclining Bunny, 44.7×71.7×34.5 inch, 114x182x87 cm. Tapping Bunny, 63.3×25.5×32.3 inch, 161x65x82 cm.