None of my travels has been more influential for my work than visiting Antarctica in 2001. After returning from this most beautiful continent, I rushed to England full of ideas for new pieces. With Neil Wilkin and our fabulous team we managed to create very expressive blown vessels using graal and double graal techniques. After awhile though, I felt challenged to create sculptural pieces inspired by the many gorgeous icebergs and glaciers we saw, as well as other phenomena of nature that made my heart sing. Being trained as a sculptor, I felt and still feel, very comfortable making three-dimensional forms in a hard industrial foam that are later translated into 4-dimensional glass sculptures.

From visiting Greenland and Svalboard later on, I started another series inspired by nature and traveling. I am still intrigued and inspired by the icy landscapes of the Poles to this day and have been blessed with many, very successful shows.

How can I express my gratitude for this inexhaustible source of inspiration other than by trying to depict the awesome power and majesty of nature in my sculpture? Not aiming to imitate or equal it, but simply to express my sense of wonder as a human being and an artist.