The Initiation series are inspired by personal growth on a spiritual level through change.

Texts from the thousands of years old Chinese ‘I Ching’ or ‘Book of Changes’, in a translation by Richard Wilhelm, and the ‘Voyager Tarot’ by James Wanless are interpreted as structures. Both books are based on a certain order or universal truth and can be consulted on a daily base or for specific questions. I grew up with these books and found their wisdom insightful, comforting, complicated, and confusing, but I always enjoyed and still enjoy how the texts stretch my imagination and make me ponder certain changes, questions, or problems.

Creating an image of 4-dimensional order or disorder, the structures inside the glass are regular, random, fading or moving and some are golden, accenting individual significance. The individual parts can attract or repel each other. They can be perceived as a philosophical interpretation of the ongoing changes in our individual lives, in relationship with each other as well as our world and the gifts we receive from understanding these changes.

We go through initiations all through our life, starting with a major one, birth! And the debatable last one, death. Our physical existence changes continuously, our first words, steps, illness are all initiations of some sort. Also, on an emotional level changes happen, the first day at school, falling in love, abandonment, feeling lost, and so on. Last but not least mentally: questioning, researching, analyzing, learning, insights and understanding of transition, how we think and experience the world, confused or inspired. Initiations come in many forms and some are shocking, leaving us changed in our core forever whilst others are minute and hardly noticed unless we focus on them. All of them together form who we are as a person and can help us understand why we are here in this existence and what our potential is.

A personal as well as a spiritual journey!