“We all look through a peephole; we only see a part of the whole. It`s our human condition.”

Perception is unique to each and every one of us. There are not two people who perceive the same way because our perception is always a result of who we are. We are shaped by our upbringing, our background, our family, where we were born, which culture, what we have experienced, and how much we have traveled. Our age, religious belief, education, social environment, the people we`re surrounded with, work, money, the books we read, the music we listen to; it all influences our perception.

Although we strongly believe that we can be objective in our observations, what we perceive may never be identical to what another person perceives while looking at the same thing. Our eyes may mirror the scenery but our mind tricks us. We don`t just see colors differently, also our emotions play a part, as well as expectations, recognition, or the absence of it and the angle of perception. We often see what we want to see, or just the opposite. We project an introject. Quick to judge, we trust upon our eyes and intuition. We may agree on what we see, its beauty or importance, or discussing the seen as if we were looking at something completely different. It is the result of how we are conditioned and what our belief system is.

This installation consists of 13 sculptures that are identical in form but made from different materials and/or in different colors. Materials and colors represent different emotions or associate with memories. They can be cold or warm, gentle our harsh, revealing, or obscuring.

The intricate shape has an opening that allows us to see what is behind the sculpture. The way the form tilts reminds the viewer of the different angles of perception. The lines lead the eye in and out but always back to the hole, while the levels of reflectiveness of the surfaces, from transparent to mirroring, change the periphery of our vision. Looking through the hole in any object, we can never see the whole installation.