Trends in Contemporary Glass Art – Shanghai Himalaya Museum

16 September – 2 November 2014

Trends in Contemporary Glass Art

I’m excited to be part of “Trends in Contemporary Glass Art“, at The Shanghai Zendai Himalayas Art Museum, China, in collaboration with Litvak Gallery.
The exhibition brings together eight of the world’s leading glass artists working in various different glass techniques such as: casting, carving, fusing, lampworking and blowing. For these artists, glass is their primary medium of choice and together, along with other talented glass artists they compose what we now call the “Glass Studio Movement” or “New Glass”.
The movement, which began in Europe in the 1960’s and spread rapidly to artists working in the United States totally transformed the way we look and think about glass. It allowed artists working with glass to break free with established traditions and move towards exploring the boundaries of the medium in terms of technique, size and shape thus transforming it from glass for utilitarian and decorative use such as dished, pitchers and vases into an established artistic media.
Artists: Peter Bremers,Lucio Bubacco, Václav Cigler,Richard Jolley,Václav Machač,Jaromír Rybák,Julius Weiland,William Morris
Organizer: Shanghai Himalaya Museum
Co-Organizer: Litvak Gallery
DATES: Sep,16 – Nov.2, 2014
VENUE: 4F, Shanghai Himalayas Museum