Festival of Glass – Hsinchu Museum

12 July – 31 August 2014
Hsinchu Museum of Glass Art in Taiwan. Celebrating a festival of glass in this town, that is the center of glass in Taiwan, with this very international exhibition, including two of my Transformation sculptures.

Taiwan express their comments

Glass art exhibit at the Hsinchu glass museum. Interesting how people in Taiwan express their comments on the art work on yellow stickers! Wish I could read them!

Hsinchu Museum

The Glass Museum located in the Northwest direction of Hsinchu Park was opened officially on December 18, 1999. Glass Museum was reconstructed from the Autonomous Club House, which was built in 1936 for use of lodging and feasting when Japanese royal family and government officials came to Taiwan to make the rounds. A home recreational atmosphere pervades both the garden outside and the space and setting inside, much suited to the exquisite and delicate features of glass craft. The museum has retained the European style of oriental modern architecture through the standing bricks on the southeast corner of the building and the classical image of the foyer.