The Wise Fool Art Podcast

The Wise Fool Art Podcast is a show full of wit with some of the most interesting conversations curated by Matthew Dols, “The question I have never outgrown is Why? why do some people succeed where others fail, why does some art sell for millions while other are never even seen the light of day. What is that path to success that some see clearly and others never even know exist? Through this podcast I want to try to both level the playing field by offering everyone the opportunity to the same set of knowledge, and help offer a rising tide to lift all boats. There are too many stories about how people gain notoriety because they are at the right place at the right time and befriend the right person. I want to understand what came before that in order to make it so that those people were prepared for that chance meeting.”

Learn more about The Wise Fool Art Podcast of Glass Sculptor, Peter Bremers (Netherlands)