Artist Statement

Making art is a dedication to creation. It is a spiritual quest, an act of love and… a challenging exciting journey.

Peter Bremers, portrait by Will Reintzell
Photo by Will Reintzell

To decide what needs to be created demands a strange mix of self-reflection, responsiveness to the world we’re in, seeking inspiration and discriminating what has merit to be pursued. How one gets inspired is such a personal and often intuitive or even spiritual process. For me it can be almost anything:  a book, a song, an unexpected encounter with another being or even a bad news message on CNN. Especially traveling and nature seem to touch and excite me profoundly. Most of all it is a combination of all of that and more, as one is so often linked to the other. Traveling brings me to new places and always initiates new ideas; through the people I meet, sounds, smells, tastes, landscapes, cultures, thoughts, dreams et cetera. It accumulates in 4-dimensional “realities” that exist only because of the world and me in continuous ever-changing relationship. I look at our world but am an intricate part of it as well. I am a witness and a participant. That often puzzles my mind, challenges my heart and questions my soul. It is a journey into understanding who I am, how I want to communicate with the world, the time we are in and what I believe needs to be put into form as a valuable addition to the vast ocean of ‘stuff’ that is being made in the name of art. It is a humbling experience. It makes me insecure, at times even depressed, frustrated or… utterly blissful, mostly!

To create is not a choice but a necessity; it is my life and my ‘raison d’etre’ as well as my greatest joy. In art I feel most bonded with my spirit, Source, nature, the world, mankind, and the Universe.

My attempt, to my best ability, is to give my ever-changing vision of beauty to this world to counter the vast mass of manmade ugliness. It’s up to the world to decide if it is of any value.

Antarctica 2001
Peter in Antarctica 2001