Six sculptures that represent the original art forms: music, literature, drama, dance, architecture and combined the 2 and 3-dimensional fine arts.

The idea for doing this installation came when I realized that there are many exciting things happening in cross-over disciplines and art-forms. The typical divisions have changed to new multi-media artistic expressions. The combination of art forms is not new in and of itself. This actually has been going on for many centuries, foremost in opera and any similar performance prior. Opera involves stage design, which would include painting and sculpture, existing and/or created architectural elements, dance, drama, and of course text (libretto) and music. Even though the Greeks already developed combinations of the arts, the Italians lifted it to great heights, therefore all titles are in Italian.

Collaborations between artists are challenging the atelier-bound creators to go beyond their own art and artistic expression and process. A sculptor can be an architect and architect a stage designer. The composer creates film music, the poet paints, and so on.

Leonardo da Vinci, the debatably first “homo universalis” and “Renaissance Man” showed us the door to be creators in the full meaning of the word, instead of the limited one medium, one instrument confined art professional. With new media, the computer, animation, 3-D printing, to name a few, the vast array of expressive possibilities is ever-expanding.

My art series is a homage to all the creators that have led the way to invention, innovation, creation, and inspiration and where we are in contemporary arts today!