“ELEVATED SPACE” 2017, dim. 101 x 36 x 16 inch

It may be visually clear why I call this sculpture this way, looking at the shape of it. Apart from the upright form and its internal structure revealing direction, rhythm, and transparency, leading the eye around and around the large opening in its form. This form that draws you in and at the same time opens up the background, or even better horizon, for me indicates a ‘space for meditation’. The hole in the sculpture is not just a window to the background, the beautiful Lake Washington. The white structure of the glass creates a space that offers an opening to another realm. You can`t see the glass without seeing the opening and vice versa, but the eye will lead the spectator in and out naturally. Once that is experienced and understood, what we focus on is therefore a conscious choice.

Private commission curated by ARTERRA.