Lyrical is the title of the largest outdoor sculpture in kiln cast glass to date. It measures 137x42x28 inch, 348x107x72 cm. including its bronze base. Created for a private residence in Michigan, it is placed in front of some very tall trees. On both sides of this part of the garden are two big ponds.

Designed as an ode to nature, Lyrical stands out as a shiny beacon. Well visible from the house and lit at night, its blue color and the watery internal structure, are connected to the landscape by its bronze green base. The polished surface of the glass reflects any sunlight and creates an intense presence without demanding too much attention from the gorgeous landscape nor being overshadowed by the tall trees.

Cast at Lhotsky Studio in three parts, it was assembled on location. A stainless structure bolted on to a concrete slab to support the sculpture and keeping it strong enough to withstand stormy weather, is hidden from the eye by the bronze base.

As demanding as the creation of a glass sculpture of this size may be, the result is well worth the effort. As many other outdoor glass sculptures also demonstrate, glass looks as natural in the environment as a block of ice would do in a wintery landscape. Even though manmade, as it absorbs the light and colors of its surrounding in such a natural way, while adding an unexpected element to the scenery, it becomes a focus point honoring that same surrounding magically.