“Structures, Transparencies and Reflections” 2004 DSM┬ácompany restaurant , Delft, NL.

Inside the large rebuilt restaurant, different spaces with different atmospheres were created by architect Frans Vandehoek. This translucent glass ‘wall’ separates lunch chambers from the larger general area. The director of DSM who visited me in my studio, asked me to do a kind of double graal! Looking for a similar effect of colors and patterns I came up with a double structure, swapping patterns 180 degrees to create movement in the way the patterns overlap. The glass elements were fused in opal white and alabaster on clear glass and then laminated on toughened sheet glass for safety. With glass paint a subtle range of color was airbrushed on the back. 8 elements on both side, with 4 centimeters space in between, set in stainless steel create an energetic play of squares, where daylight as well as artificial light make a change in transparency and color. The glass elements were executed by Tetterode Glas in Voorthuizen.