Private commission, Reewijk, NL. 2013

When one of my most devoted collectors asked me to create a large sculpture for his office, I felt very honored and challenged at the same time. To commission a work of art is an act of trust. It is no longer ‘just’ about the process of the artist in his studio and the work that gets created as a result of that process. It is also about the interaction with the client, location, budget, and in this specific case the gallery owner, Matisse Etienne. I wanted this sculpture to be extra-ordinary. The personal bond with the collector as well as the original location were of great influence in the choice of topic and narrative. Not only was I attempting a full-size figurative work but also trying to depict the essence of the collector`s worldly existence in a symbolic way: art collector, entrepreneur and philanthropist. In a time where economic gain seems to rule the world, philanthropy is of the essence to balance wealth, generate overall prosperity and freedom. The concept of the Victory of Righteousness was born.

Moving forward from the original model from December 2011, we early on agreed on two major things: first, the sculpture would not be outside the office building, which influenced the dimensions as well as the choice of glass and color. Secondly, it would be referring to the famous Nike, the Victory of Samothrace. This 2200 year old statue has been a source of inspiration for many artists through time and although I suggested it`s use for inspiration, it also happens to be one of the collector’s favorites. My sculpture though is not about a Goddess. Although righteousness may be seen as an angelic quality, I consider it a human ability to choose to do what is right and potentially benefits the individual as well as the collective. This is why my Nike is half angel half human, nor male nor female, powerful and dynamic as well as sensitive and pure. The statue rises from a small base almost like a Phoenix and gently bends towards the spectator as if to whisper it`s truth. But it has no head and no arms. Righteousness does not come from the head but from the heart and unlike Lady Justice, it does not need a sword for it exists by the purity of the soul.