“Window to your world” 2003, Stichting Gehandicaptenzorg Limburg, Hoogveld, Sittard, NL.

This commission came in the middle of my ‘Antarctic’ period. Architect Frans Vandehoek gave me two spaces to use for an Antarctic double graal. But they were somewhat lost on their own and needed a binding element. Also, I felt that this house with its mentally and physically disabled inhabitants could show it had a story to tell to the world around it. Together with Fenestra Ateliers, we enlarged one of my slides from Paradise Bay, South Pole, showing water, mountains and sky and mounted that on sheets of glass, positioned in a large window, facing the street and surrounding houses. The image shows itself clearly on the inside in daytime, inviting the residents to see the outer world differently or maybe larger. At night, the artificial light inside the building makes the image visible for the passer-by, inviting him or her to dwell on the world, especially the world and its inhabitants inside the building.