New Glass/ Neues Glass

NEUES GLAS – NEW GLASS: art & architecture – No. 2 & 3 2020!!!

“The bright red cliffs of Arizona but also the crystal blue world of the Antarctic live in the glass objects of Dutch artist Peter Bremers. Hot-formed, cut, and polished gems, symphonies of color, light, and transparency reflect the landscapes the artist has traversed during his frequent journeys and wanderings.”

“Significant catalysts in Peter Bremers’ artistic career proved to be his travels, which made him an attentive observer of nature. ‘When we travel to other countries and cultures, not only our outer world changes but so does our inner world.’”

NG: “Can art change the world?
PB: “Absolutely!!! Art observes, criticizes, transforms, asks questions, and most important: Art makes the invisible visible! Art is witness to culture and the cultural consciousness. Art is mundane, vulgar, and aggressive. Or spiritual, aesthetic, and disgusting. But it is always justified.”

Read the full article, DESERTS, ICE CREAM, AND PINK BUNNIES, from NEUES GLAS – NEW GLASS: art & architecture; No. 2 & 3/2020.